Turnarounds are complex events with highly variable outcomes. AP-Canada has empirically isolated and quantified the leading indicators for turnaround outcomes using the AP-Canada Turnaround Database, the world’s largest and most comprehensive turnaround database, containing observations from thousands of unique turnarounds. The overwhelming majority of these data were gathered through on-site pre- and post-turnaround performance assessments.

Turnaround benchmarking studies enable the comparison of your turnarounds to Industry norms for all facets of performance, including planned and actual cost, scope, productivity, duration, labor hours, safety, and operability. The AP-Canada Turnaround Database produces performance benchmarks controlled for similar types of process units, shift patterns, specific geographic locations, and other performance factors.

An AP-Canada benchmarking study compares the performance of each of your turnarounds to Industry average and top quartile levels. Practices benchmarking identifies gaps with best practices in execution and planning, and provides expert, actionable recommendations for improvement. Understanding practices and associated performance outcomes are the keys to improvement. Without a thorough understanding of both, measurement is merely a scorecard.


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