Effective risk management is essential to event success. There’s no shortage of tools that help you manage risk. But none has the power of PYXIS.

PYXIS is the only risk management tool to draw on the unrivaled data and innovation of AP-Networks. Import risks from past events and other sites, as well as common Industry risks identified by AP-Networks. Track mitigation actions, and measure risk reduction with the exclusive Risk Severity Index.

Leverage Industry’s Most Powerful Suite of Tools

The PYXIS risk register module integrates with the other great tools you’re already using inside the Turnaround Network, the Capital Project Network, and the Upstream Network, like NaviTrack and iNTrack.

Flexible, Customizable, Powerful

Thanks to PYXIS, your risk management process has a powerful foundation. With a few clicks, you can:

  • Load the risk register from your last event
  • Duplicate the risk register from another site or similar event at your company
  • Pre-populate the risk register with common Industry risks from the AP-Networks Project and Turnaround Databases
  • Access the one-of-a-kind Risk Severity Index

PYXIS offers rapid setup so you can get to work faster. First, determine risk severity to focus the power of your organization where it’s needed most. Next, manage and mitigate risks with an easy-to-learn system that can be customized to match your organization’s risk evaluation standards, down to the colors and dimensions of the probability-impact grid. Digitally assign actions, track progress, and quantify the probability and impact of your risks in one place.

AP-Networks provides the cloud-based tools you trust for work process deployment and successful event planning. Now with PYXIS, you have a risk management tool you can count on.

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