NaviTrack is the Industry-standard work process deployment system. Institutionalized by global enterprises, NaviTrack has become an integral part of how PROJECTS and TURNAROUNDS are planned and executed. NaviTrack was the first—and remains the only—tool of its kind, featuring a gated work process designed specifically for the size and complexity of your project or turnaround.

NaviTrack brings tried and tested best practices to the desktop of every project or turnaround professional in the enterprise. Through the use of job aids, reports, and activity-based assignments, NaviTrack shapes early value creation by focusing team and stakeholder attention on best practices in pursuit of optimum readiness and flawless execution.

Industry’s most innovative cloud-based tool is ever-evolving, and always reflects the cumulative knowledge of AP-Networks, the global leader in helping project and turnaround teams hone their skills and achieve Industry-leading performance. With NaviTrack, you can:

  • Achieve predictable project and turnaround outcomes through the adoption of standardized work processes throughout the organization
  • Improve accountability and management visibility via real-time project and activity status reporting
  • Give your organization cloud-based and real-time access to the world’s best planning and preparation practices
  • Leverage the knowledge and experience contained within Industry’s largest collection of project and turnaround data

NaviTrack boasts an ever-growing array of unique features. NaviTrack:

  • Allows you to use your work process, our process, or a blend of both
  • Creates world-class preparation plans utilizing an Industry-proven, time-tested work process
  • Automatically generates due dates and optimum start dates for each preparation phase and corresponding activities
  • Provides best practices, job aids, and recommended deliverables to drive optimum project and turnaround preparation
  • Provides notifications for groups, individuals, or management when critical events are upcoming, overdue, or complete
  • Offers a myriad of customization options for event alerts, peer reviews, decision-making processes, and standardized work processes
  • Provides resource estimates by functional group for all planning and preparation activities
  • Creates reports, charts, and graphs that show real-time data entered


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