No matter how comprehensive your work process, tasks outside of process milestones and activities are also integral to event success. acXis is an innovative action register that brings all the preparation activities for your event together in the AP-Networks suite of tools.

See All Event Actions at a Glance

Teams are less effective and efficient when everyone is working from a different list, with no way to assess overall progress.

acXis brings your team together to create an interactive action register inside the same cloud-based digital platform you’re already using to deploy NaviTrack and the rest of the AP-Networks suite of tools. View actions from your last meeting alongside event actions from the work process, the risk register, the upcoming lessons learned register, and more. With a clear view of everything that needs to get done, your team can tackle tasks and share information collaboratively.

Flexible, Customizable, Powerful

Pull up the action register and add actions in seconds, right from the register view. Simply provide an action, an owner, and a due date. Beneath this easy-to-use interface is an incredibly powerful, endlessly customizable tool.

Need more detail? Add in:

  • Reference Documents
  • Output and Deliverable Requirements
  • Approval Workflows
  • And more

Use your organization’s work breakdown structure, hashtags, and secondary IDs to help organize actions, and take advantage of the discussion forum to leave notes. Customize push notifications to keep team members engaged and aware of assigned activities and required deliverables. Utilize robust, real-time reporting features to identify bottlenecks quickly. Do it all on the fly so you can capture the important details and get back to work.

When it comes time to view your actions, you can customize the register view to see the information that’s most important to you at a glance. Sort by type to see which actions came from the steering team and which came from operations. Or break things down by low, medium, and high priority to put your attention where it’s needed most. And with one click, you can view or hide assigned actions from the work process.

acXis brings everything you need to plan your event together inside Industry’s most powerful suite of tools.

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