From Tank Storage Magazine | March 2020 Issue

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Tackling the Unique Challenges Presented by Tank Outages

by John Camp, AP-Networks – Deputy Director, EMEA

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In the grand scheme of refinery and petrochemical plant turnarounds, tank outages are often seen as a lesser priority. While this may seem to make sense economically, it has led to an Industry-wide mismanagement of tank assets. For many tank outages, late engineering and material ordering, delays in permitting, and a general lack of urgency among team members are regular occurrences.

At some sites, the Tank Outage Team is a subsidiary of the maintenance department. However, Asset Performance Networks (AP-Networks) has observed that, increasingly, these events are falling under the direction of the site Turnaround Manager. This shift has shone a spotlight on the shortcomings of tank outage planning and preparation, especially when compared to the maturity of the plant turnaround sector.

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