On May 2nd in Dubai, John Alkemade, Managing Director, EMEA for Asset Performance Networks, will present on “The Turnaround Excellence Paradigm” and take part in a panel discussion at the Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages Technical Conference

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What | Panel Discussion: Adopting effective strategies to eliminate skill-based challenges faced by operators and contractors
When | Wednesday, May 2nd at 11:45am

What | Presentation: “The Turnaround Excellence Paradigm” – Delivering Predictable, Sustainable Business Performance
When | Wednesday, May 2nd at 1:45pm

Where | The Conrad Hotel, Dubai, UAE

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Refineries and petrochemical plants across the globe are hard at work developing innovative strategies to better their shutdown, turnaround, and outage performance. Some of these strategies, such as extending the interval between shutdowns, present a major shift in the way sites approach maintenance work. As companies take steps to implement these innovative strategies, new risks come into play. It’s vital that these changes are approached with careful planning and a focus on minimizing risks. Attendees of the Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages Technical Conference will meet in Dubai in May to discuss these pressing topics

On Wednesday, May 2nd at 11:45am, AP-Networks Managing Director, EMEA John Alkemade will take part in a panel discussion focused on effective strategies to eliminate skill-based challenges faced by operators and contractors during shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages. Then at 13:45, John will deliver his presentation: “The Turnaround Excellence Paradigm” – Delivering Predictable, Sustainable Business Performance.

Historically, the turnaround industry has focused on improving turnaround performance predictability. Initially, these efforts centered on implementing a robust turnaround work process and ensuring that it was executed right. Next, organizations turned their focus to executing the scope right. Now, the top quartile performers are realizing the need to shift their focus once again, from executing the scope right, to executing the right scope. In his presentation, John will explain how the implementation of a robust turnaround governance model is essential to achieving this goal and seizing the opportunity to deliver industry-leading performance.

John Alkemade is the Managing Director, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) for Asset Performance Networks. He oversees AP-Networks’ EMEA office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, leading the office’s employees in their work serving companies throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. He has been integral in expanding the global presence of AP-Networks, and, consequently, for growing AP-Networks’ consulting staff in the EMEA office. John possesses more than 22 years of experience in project and turnaround management in the energy, oil, gas, and chemical industries.

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