On December 3rd, AP-Networks, AP Managing Director Pete Kwiatkowski will present on “Integrating Capital Project Work into Maintenance Turnarounds” at the Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages Excellence 2018 conference in Perth, Australia

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What | Presentation: Integrating Capital Project Work into Maintenance Turnarounds
When | Monday, December 3rd at 11:30am

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Asset Performance Networks Asia Pacific, Pte Ltd (AP-Networks, AP) is proud to be a Silver Sponsor of Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages Excellence 2018. The conference will focus on strengthening STO operations through cost saving practices and workforce management.

On Monday, December 3rd at 11:30am, AP-Networks, AP Managing Director Pete Kwiatkowski will deliver a presentation on “Integrating Capital Project Work into Maintenance Turnarounds.” Turnaround teams often cite project integration as a leading cause of cost and schedule overruns. In today’s industry landscape, project work is becoming an increasingly large portion of turnaround event scope. This trend shows no signs of stopping, and makes finding a solution to the integration problem a topic of critical importance for site operational efficiency. Pete’s presentation will walk attendees through crafting a three-pronged approach to effective integration. Pete will also highlight AP-Networks, AP data showing a measurable improvement in turnaround performance outcomes when a detailed integration plan is developed and utilized effectively.

Pete Kwiatkowski is the Managing Director of AP-Networks, AP. He shares responsibility for the development and growth of the company’s presence in the Asia Pacific region. Throughout his career, Pete has focused on the integration between capital projects and turnarounds, working to facilitate a shared understanding of how the two areas relate, and helping teams to align planning efforts and create cohesive scope.


About Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages Excellence 2018

marcus evans Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages Excellence 2018  will address key STO challenges to ensure projects are well planned and executed. Gain practical insights and new ideas from industry experts to optimise overall strategy, planning and scheduling skills, contractor management and safety measures to re-establish and improve plant capacity. Learn more on the conference website.

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