AP-Networks, AP Managing Director Pete Kwiatkowski will present on “Driving Turnaround and Plant-Based Project Excellence Through Digitisation” at Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages 2019 in Perth, Australia

Important Information

What | Presentation: Driving Turnaround and Plant-Based Project Excellence Through Digitisation

When | Day 1

Where | Perth, Australia

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Asset Performance Networks Asia Pacific (AP-Networks, AP) is proud to be a Silver Partner of Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages 2019. The conference focuses on driving operational efficiency through project execution strategies, workforce engagement, and shutdown frameworks for maintenance reliability and quality.

Turnaround excellence is the goal of leaders throughout the industry. Increasingly, cloud-based solutions are becoming integral to achieving this goal. In his presentation, Driving Turnaround and Plant-Based Project Excellence Through Digitisation, Pete Kwiatkowski will discuss how to successfully pair in-house expertise with innovative software solutions. He’ll also shed light on how to use cutting-edge digital tools to tackle a long-standing challenge: the successful integration of capital projects into the turnaround execution plan. Lastly, Pete will share principles for effective turnaround governance and provide insight on how the best in the industry implement a turnaround governance model.

As a longtime solutions provider for asset-intensive industries across the globe, AP-Networks, AP has extensive experience helping clients optimize turnaround performance and improve organizational capability. Our online Turnaround Network offers subscribers access to a suite of interactive software tools designed to strengthen turnaround readiness and performance. Included among these is the new iNTrack tool, which creates a dynamic link to the Capital Project Network and helps bring the project and turnaround work processes into alignment.

Pete Kwiatkowski is the Managing Director of AP-Networks, AP. He shares responsibility for the development and growth of the company’s presence in the Asia Pacific region. Throughout his career, Pete has focused on the integration between capital projects and turnarounds, working to facilitate a shared understanding of how the two areas relate and helping teams to align planning efforts and create cohesive scope.


About Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages 2019

The marcus evans Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages 2019 conference brings together key industry players in the market to discuss the current issues and future opportunities in optimising turnarounds, improving reliability and productivity and minimising costs. This event will also focus on topics such as scope management, contractor engagement, workforce planning, asset maintenance, Augmented Reality (AR), electronic workpacks, quality assurance and more. It will comprise of case study presentations from thought leaders, a panel discussion and a full-day workshop on shutdown planning, scheduling and execution. Learn more on the conference website.

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AP-Networks, AP is the indispensable trusted partner to global petroleum, chemical, and energy companies that aim to optimize their assets’ performance and maximize operational efficiency. Our company achieves its mission by infusing strategic innovation, proven expertise, actionable insights, and unparalleled business intelligence analytics into a unique, winning formula for success. We leverage our databases, benchmarks, Software as a Service (SaaS) engines, and our industry-recognized consulting expertise to ensure that our clients mitigate, manage, and control high-risk events. Ultimately, our clients Aim Higher to realize superior business outcomes, and Aim Smarter to drive breakthrough performance in capital projects and plant turnarounds. For more information on AP-Networks, AP please visit www.AP-Networks.com.


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