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TINC America 2017 represents an important milestone. As the 15th Annual Turnaround Industry Network Conference, it signifies a decade-and-a-half of turnaround industry leaders coming together to push the boundaries of turnaround knowledge.

September 20th, 2017

Day Two of the 15th Annual TINC America kicked off with a presentation from John Alkemade, Managing Director – Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) for Asset Performance Networks. John took to the stage to answer a question on the minds of many in attendance—how do I go from “better” to “best-in-class?” To answer that question, AP-Networks undertook a deep-dive study into the practices of best-in-class turnaround performers. The study pinpointed 21 Turnaround Value Practices (TVPs)—out-of-the-ordinary practices that drive big gains. While the overall items—such as premise setting and risk based scope review—are already a part of most work processes, industry leaders take their execution to the next level, moving past a simple checking of the box mentality.

Up next was a Discussion Segment focused on Estimating & Controls, facilitated by Pete Shirley, Manager of Turnaround Services for AP-Networks. This segment gave conference attendees the opportunity to ask questions of Dolly Boden – CPF IMPACT BIN Turnaround Advisor at Chevron, and Adrian Nolan – Director – Turnaround Improvement at Suncor to get a feel for how they handle estimating and controls at their respective sites. To kick off the session, Pete highlighted the importance of effective estimating and controls by reminding everyone that “What gets allocated, gets spent.”

After a quick break, Jeff Brock, Turnaround Engineering Manager at LyondellBasell, came to the stage to tackle an issue that’s always on the minds of TINC attendees—overcoming integration challenges between capital projects and turnarounds. While there were processes for projects, turnarounds, and even project and turnaround integration at his site, no one followed those processes. When Jeff was brought on board to get things moving, he discovered that neither side knew much about the other. While he covered several strategies to help bridge the gap, one particular takeaway rang out loud and clear, guiding all the others: “Start early—that’s the fix. Any questions?”

After Jeff’s presentation, attendees headed off to their respective Breakout Sessions, and then to lunch. Fed and rested, everyone returned to the main conference area for a presentation from AP-Networks Implementation Expert Mimi Eshetu. Mimi walked us through some of the new and upcoming features on their way to AP-Networks’ web-based tools and portals. Highlights included the Online Data Collection Tool, which provides users with an easier, more accurate method for data collection, and even delivers benchmarks upon upload. Mimi also announced Handshake, which will provide functionality that links the Turnaround Network with the Capital Project Network, helping sites achieve stronger integration.

To close out the 15th Annual TINC America, attendees got their questions ready for the day’s second Discussion Segment. This segment, facilitated by AP-Networks Senior Consultant Craig Small, was centered on Engaging Leadership. Steve Busick – Turnaround Network Lead at Phillips 66, and Ed Feck – Turnaround Excellence Manager at Andeavor were on hand to offer their expertise. To start things off, Craig reiterated a point that many on stage made throughout the conference: No matter what your processes are, if leadership isn’t backing or driving those processes, you’re going to have inconsistent results.

After the discussion wound down, Bobby Vichich—Vice President of Turnaround Management Consulting at AP-Networks—took the stage. He praised the community of committed, passionate professionals that makes the Turnaround Industry Network Conference such a powerful event. Bobby cited the persistent search for a “silver bullet,” the one solution that will make turnarounds a success forever and always. He urged those in attendance to move past the search for that “one thing,” and to realize the reality: The “silver bullet” is incremental gains stacked one on top of the other; it is continuous improvement. And TINC will continue to provide a forum, here in Houston and around the globe, for turnaround professionals to come together in pursuit of that lofty goal.


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