BP doubles the number of sites with access to the AP-Networks Turnaround Network, allowing for greater use of NaviTrack, the work process deployment tool.

January 23, 2018

BETHESDA, MD – For more than a decade, industry leader BP has relied on the Asset Performance Networks (AP-Networks) Turnaround Network to plan and manage turnarounds and shutdowns at several of their refinery sites. The Turnaround Network, an industry-first online software suite, contains a robust toolset for planning and executing turnarounds. Among these, NaviTrack stands out as the industry-standard work process deployment tool, and has been in use by BP for more than 12 years. The company recently worked with AP-Networks to develop the fourth iteration of their work process. Now that it’s complete, BP is expanding their software license with AP-Networks to double the number of licensed sites.

The 4.0 turnaround work process incorporates lessons learned from the 3.0 process, along with insights gained working with AP-Networks during onsite turnaround engagements. The new process includes a German translation to better serve BP’s global operations. The company will seek to further standardize use of their turnaround work process at all licensed sites, relying on NaviTrack to access job aids and track work process compliance.

BP’s relationship with AP-Networks extends back to 2001, when AP-Networks first began developing software for BP’s use. In 2005, AP-Networks created the BP Risk Assurance Tool, a customized risk management application. The tool is now used by nearly 20,000 individuals throughout the global BP organization.

The newly licensed BP sites join more than 280 licensed sites throughout the world. The tools contained within the Turnaround Network have become a standard part of how Fortune Global 100 energy and petrochemical companies plan and execute turnarounds. Through their use, industry leaders can ensure that best practices are being implemented in the definition and planning phases, enable more consistent levels of planning and preparation, and measure and view the readiness of every turnaround at any stage.


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