“We strive to develop software tools that are as intuitive as they are innovative.” – George DeBakey, AP-Networks – Managing Director


“New technologies…are allowing for reduction in production costs, while driving capital and operational efficiencies. Here’s to hoping this year will transform the most sought-after industry, and in conjunction with that we present some of the key technology solution providers in the Oil & Gas arena who are bringing these transformations.” – Michael Stewart, MyTechMag Managing Editor

AP-Networks is proud to be recognized in MyTechMag‘s list of the Top 10 Oil & Gas Solution Providers for 2020. Several of the largest energy companies in the world have made use of our cloud-based tools mandatory across their entire enterprise. In doing so, they have made AP-Networks a standard part of how they do business. By crafting unique digital intelligence solutions, we continue to change the way that Industry approaches capital projects and turnarounds.

To learn more, read our profile in MyTechMag: “Maximize Operational Efficiencies.”


From MyTechMag | April 2020 Issue

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Maximize Operational Efficiencies

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In the Oil & Gas industry, capital projects and maintenance events (turnarounds) have a long history of poor predictability, with project and turnaround outcomes often characterized by excessive cost overruns and schedule slippage. Asset Performance Networks has developed a set of web-based tools and industry comparison benchmarking capabilities that ensure readiness is optimized, leading to a significant improvement in project and turnaround performance.

This is not only logical and intuitive, but more importantly, it is rooted in data and predictive analytics: Better readiness results in better event outcomes, and readiness has been quantified by AP-Networks.

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