The Outage Network is a first-of-its-kind outage management platform from Asset Performance Networks, designed exclusively for the power industry


For more than a decade, energy and petrochemical leaders the world over have trusted Asset Performance Networks’ (AP-Networks’) cloud-based platforms—the Turnaround Network, the Capital Project Network, and the Upstream Network—to help deliver safe, predictable, competitive turnarounds and capital projects. Now, the digital tools that have transformed the field of turnaround management are available to the power industry through the Outage Network. With one enterprise-level license, power companies gain access to data-backed outage management applications for work process deployment, readiness assessment, risk management, and action tracking.

Across more than two decades and thousands of engagements, AP-Networks has assembled the world’s largest and most comprehensive turnaround, outage, and project databases. In the process, the company has gained an unrivaled understanding of the practices that lead to successful outcomes. That data and insight have saved the world’s leading energy companies more than $31 billion, and they provide the foundation for the tools housed within the Outage Network. AP-Networks’ databases are growing constantly, meaning that the Outage Network gets smarter over time.

The digital tools housed within the Outage Network provide an unprecedented ability to successfully plan and prepare for even the most complex plant outage. With the NaviTrack™ work process deployment system, the Readiness Pyramid self-assessment tool, the PYXIS™ risk management system, and the acXis™ action tracker—not to mention a customizable AP-Networks Outage Work Process and a library of supporting job aids—the Outage Network contains the world’s most advanced, easy-to-use suite of outage management tools. With enterprise-level licensing and cloud-based deployment, these tools are instantly available site-wide.

Companies interested in a 30-minute demo of the Outage Network are encouraged to contact AP-Networks.

About Asset Performance Networks

AP-Networks is the trusted leader for improving asset and operational performance in petroleum, chemical, and energy companies worldwide. We work with our clients’ most critical assets—their people, processes, and production facilities—to help them achieve safe, competitive, predictable outcomes on their high-risk events, namely capital projects and turnarounds. Our associates are internationally recognized leaders and experts in project management, turnaround management, operations, benchmarking, risk management, and more. Our team leverages proprietary, data-driven tools that help our clients Aim Higher to achieve superior business outcomes and Aim Smarter to drive breakthrough performance. For further information regarding our full range of products and services, please visit us at


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