Sitech Services, based in The Netherlands, has licensed the Turnaround Network for the Chemelot chemical plant

October 2020

Despite unprecedented challenges in asset-intensive industries the world over, digital solution provider Asset Performance Networks (AP-Networks) continues to welcome new clients. Among these are Sitech Services in The Netherlands. They are part of a new generation of companies flocking to AP-Networks’ cloud-based platforms and Industry-renowned predicative data analytics capabilities.

Sitech Services is a Dutch company that was set up in 2008 from several DSM departments that provided services at the Chemelot chemical plant in Geleen, The Netherlands. The company is responsible for the planning, preparation, and execution of the majority of the turnarounds at the Chemelot site. AP-Networks was contracted by Sitech Services to conduct various turnaround readiness reviews, from which an improvement program was launched to develop turnaround governance and an enhanced turnaround work process. The company has licensed the Turnaround Network, relying on NaviTrack to deploy their custom work process, along with other tools like the PYXIS risk management system and the acXis action register to drive Industry-leading turnaround performance.

Over the course of more than 20 years, AP-Networks has leveraged its ever-evolving digital toolset and proven methodologies to save the world’s leading energy companies more than $31 billion. The company initially gained renown in the refining industry by offering a first-of-its-kind combination of digital solutions and data analytics. This combination proved vital when the COVID-19 pandemic abruptly ushered in a new normal the world over. Through the use of its cloud-based platforms and tools, AP-Networks has been able to bring its proven benchmarking capabilities to clients in real time, providing them access to the insights they’ve grown to trust at a time when those insights are more critical than ever.


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