Asset Performance Canada is seeking Industry sponsors for a study designed to identify the unique cost challenges and innovative best practices that underpin Oil Sands turnaround performance

February 2019

Asset Performance Canada (AP-Canada) has launched the latest iteration of the Oil Sands Turnaround Performance Study and is actively seeking Industry sponsors. The study will look at the emerging trends, unique cost drivers, and innovative strategies that characterize the Canadian Oil Sands industry, with an eye towards assembling actionable insights to propel sponsor companies to new heights of turnaround performance.

The AP-Canada study comes at a crucial time for the Canadian energy industry. Since their peak in 2014, Western Canada Select (WCS) prices have fallen dramatically, and revenues along with them. Given this economic climate, Canadian oil producers are looking for ways to reduce costs in order to remain competitive. Oil Sands turnarounds are among the most expensive turnarounds executed anywhere in the world, and as such, serve as an essential concern for companies looking to strengthen the bottom line.

In 2014, AP-Canada released the results of their first consortium benchmarking study aimed at the Oil Sands industry. That study quantified the gap between Oil Sands and the rest of industry, and identified the factors both controllable and uncontrollable that were behind this gap. Armed with a better understanding of industry best practices and the factors within their control, study sponsors were able to use the results of the study to strengthen Oil Sands turnaround performance. The 2019 study will look to build on these results, shining a spotlight on the practices driving improved outcomes for HSE, cost performance, schedule performance, productivity, and operability.

AP-Canada plays a vital role in the Canadian energy industry. Since its founding, the company has served as a powerful ally to petrochemical companies looking to improve turnaround performance. The company also serves as the industry’s knowledge network, drawing insights from a database of more than 1,800 unique turnarounds. These insights have helped firms throughout Canada achieve competitive, predictable turnaround outcomes. The 2019 Oil Sands Turnaround Performance Study will look to further expand the company’s understanding of Oil Sands turnarounds, providing study sponsors with an indispensable resource for enhancing turnaround performance and, by extension, corporate strength and profitability.

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