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COVID-19 Response:
AP-Canada provides:

  • Remote Benchmarking and Assessments
  • Turnaround Scenario Analysis
  • Stress Testing for Post-COVID-19 Readiness
  • Strategies and Insights from Industry

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With acXis, all the activities you need to plan and prepare for your event are finally in one place!

Teams are less effective and efficient when everyone is working from a different list, with no way to assess overall progress. acXis brings your team together to create an interactive action register inside the same cloud-based digital platform you’re already using to deploy NaviTrack and the rest of the AP-Networks suite of tools.

View actions from your last meeting alongside event actions from the work process, the risk register, the lessons learned register, and more. With a clear view of everything that needs to get done, your team can tackle tasks, share information, and achieve event success!

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The Turnaround Industry Network Conference (TINC) is the premier turnaround symposium to share best practices proven to deliver safe, event-free, and predictable turnaround outcomes.

TINC is an invitation-only conference for owner-operators (no vendors), and it is the only forum exclusively for turnaround professionals from the upstream, refining, chemical, and power industries.